Losing pounds doesn’t have to mean a lighter bank balance.

Don’t pour your money down the toilet…

I obviously spend a lot of time on social media, and see many companies selling well meaning slimming aids.

From Planners, to herbs, to sweet treats and Meat.

All of which would probably add up to more than my average food shop, if I bought them all.

When watching adverts, whether on tv or online, I sometimes think that slimming companies know how to take full advantage of customers, make them feel like only their products will work.

A weight watchers advert…

Adverts of a happy family sitting down to eat, rather than a frazzled parent screeching about homework, while their kids moan that the food is gross and throw it at the dog.

Making people feel like they need to be a smaller dress size to have a happy life, they need to buy into the brand, that is the only way they will be happy!

I have always said I support people doing what works for them. Both in terms of weight loss and financially.

But to see Pyramid Schemes cashing in and becoming mainstream is painful. Skinny tea, skinny coffee, skinny sprinkles, skincare, wax melts, candles. Literally anything! Some of which either don’t work, or can be detrimental to your health. If you’re buying from someone on social media, it’s always best to research and read reviews first.

Unlike skinny tea, sprinkles or coffee, a cup of positivitea won’t make you spend the night on the loo!

My top 10 tips for losing weight without breaking the bank.

1. Frozen vegetables and meats/fish are your friend – they are cheaper, you get more for your money and they last.

2. Herbs and spices – buy them from your local Asian supermarket, or make up your own kits by reading the ingredients of one and making it up yourself. Also,use them, don’t leave them in the back of the cupboard, experiment, see what you like.

Spices are a great way to flavour food. They don’t need to cost the earth

3. Yellow stickers or shit Corner as I call it! – There is no shame in rugby tackling the 8p joint of beef and knocking 12 people out in the process. Make sure you portion and cook or freeze it!

4. Bulk meals out with vegetables, pulses and lentils. Make meals go further, save any leftovers to make into more meals. For example bolegnaise can be easily turned into a chilli with a can of beans and a few spices!

5. Don’t buy into deals or brands unless you have checked the cost and what you get for your money – sometimes brands use smaller products in offers, or bogof offers don’t save very much at all.

6. Use comparison or cash back websites, but you’re only saving if you were buying it anyway or it is free

7. Write it down- plan your meals, your shopping, food you want to try, and good deals. You can use a cheap as chips notepad or I have a magnet list pad so it’s always there!

This weeks meal plan

8. Remember this is your journey, not keeping up with the Jones’, just because someone has expensive things doesn’t mean you need it, you never know if someone puts everything on a credit card, or gets such things for free to promote it.

9. Shop online, it restricts that urge to pick up things as you walk around, and no temptation from the smell of the in store bakery. It also helps to stay on track, especially if you have a few online shopping lists, that are fully on plan!

10. Relax, and enjoy the food you eat. If you hate tomatoes, why eat them because they’re on the plan?

Good luck!

What are your best tips?

Love Sooz x


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  1. Simon says:

    Like you I find it’s a struggle to feed everyone, you do the best you can but watch those scamming supermarkets is what I say

    Liked by 1 person

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