Cetaphil Skincare – An Insiders Campaign

What was in the box

1x gentle cleanser for dry or sensitive skin

1 x daily defence day cream (protects against spf 50 and high uv)

1 x body cream

1x intensive overnight cream

1 x hand cream

Favourite product – the gentle cleanser

Least favourite product– the hand cream (not because I didn’t like it, but I have to choose one!)

I was sent a box of Cetaphil as part of the insiders campaign. I’m a glass half empty kind of person, and I didn’t want to get my hopes up. My face ranges from relatively normal to practically allergic reaction in terms of acne, and this can change surprisingly quickly. I also have quite large pores, and get blackheads as a result easily.

As I have previously mentioned I shave my face every other day, I’ve tried various methods of hair removal… from waxing, depilatory creams and epilating to plucking, bleaching and exfoliating pads! But shaving seems to be the one that does the job, I don’t have to grow my beard out to then wax it, and it doesn’t give me a rash!

My skincare is a quick affair, with a 89p foaming tee tree face wash, and a thick Nivea cream twice daily, and I usually just use a face wipe of an evening. For the rest of me, I shower/have a bath every day and usually use a bottle of body moisturiser a week! I smother my skin in a thick layer, and TOP up my hands, feet, elbows and knees before bed! Unsurprisingly I get body acne around my shoulders and back.

Having tried almost every product on the market, and now having tried Cetaphil, I have realised where I was going wrong,I was stripping everything off my skin thinking it would prevent spots, using a face wash that could take the paint off walls, and then smothering myself in a thicker than thick moisturiser.

So, while being pleasantly surprised, this campaign has made such a difference. My skin is happy, while I’m sure I will get the odd spot, my skin isn’t tight and painful. it feels clean, not stripped, it feels moisturised not coated.

I’m also happy to spend extra money on Cetaphil Products if it means that this is the result. Maybe I shouldn’t be so sceptical, and try new things, and if every celebrity magazine recommends it, year after year, not just as a fad, then maybe I should give it a go?

The body cream left my feet super smooth (I have feet like a hobbit) and the hand cream worked so well I’ve finished it!

My face is the first thing people see, and while most people will either say they don’t judge or genuinely don’t, it still strips confidence, when your face is full of red, angry spots, or bloody scabs. I’m thankful for the introduction to Cetaphil and look forward to the future!

Reading the campaign blog, I can see that I am not the only one who is surprised, but also thrilled by the introduction to such a good product, it is very rare a campaign has almost no negatives, but this one is one of the good ones!

I have given out samples and gift packs and also have had positive feedback from everyone, which again is surprising!

I have popped links to where you can buy Cetaphil in the uk and a few pictures of other products that Cetaphil sell via their website (I was surprised at all of the skincare they produce)

If you’re interested in joining The Insiders to try out some brilliant products from dog treats, and baby items, to beauty products and household products sign up at www.theinsidersnet.com

Have a look at my Instagram for more posts,pictures and videos

Love Sooz xx


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