Grumpy Gorman – Guest Post

Meet Mr Grumpy Gorman, he very kindly agreed to share both some of his writings and a few of his absolutely magnificent art works.

On his blog, I see both art and poetry entwined to create something which gets you right in the feels, but that isn’t his only talent, he has lost a substantial amount of weight… he has written about his experience just for you!

I was fat- like orca fat. I remember sitting by myself at the back of the class.  

You see, I couldn’t fit in the desks at school, so the custodian would have to cart in a table and char especially for me.  Special me, in my special chair, at the back of the class. Heads would turn, smirks would commence, I would slouch.

Next class, drama.  I loved drama, because I got to pretend to be someone else.  Wrote a skit about war, stood like soldier at the front of the class. Student commented that he “pitied my shoes”, which was met by a roar from the crowd, including the teacher.  Later, another student cupped my copious fat-boy man breast as though I was a woman he was fondling after prom let out.  He never bought me dinner or leant a kind word.

Being fat wasn’t about being the one that stood out in the crowd.  It was about being an island.  A lonely place for birds to land, just waves and sand. Nobody visited, the sun rose and set like clockwork, and each day brought the same.  

Going to restaurants was difficult, as I had to choose ones with booths I could fit behind. There could be nothing worse than having the kitchen staff slather you in deep fryer grease to try fit you at their tasty tables.  Movie theaters were a challenge too, as I was often spilling like my Pepsi onto the moviegoer beside me.  I was often met with angry elbows and mutterings to accompany the kicks to the back of my seat.

The mirror was a beast, as there was no human looking back at me.  Just folds, and rolls and skin and flesh and tears, and fears and bad breath. The towel like a face-cloth around my girth.   My inner bully, only getting worse.

This was me as a kid.  Heavy, in a heavy world.  I rocked the scales at 421lbs until I decided that life deserved me. The real me. I learned the foods, and started exercised gradually.  The first lbs shed quick, momentum’s fire was lit. 13 years later, I stand at 180lbs, proud. I did it, so I could survive.  So I could look you in the eye and say “Hi”.


You can do it too.


To take a look at more of his writing and wonderful art work please visit his blog click here

Love Sooz x

All art works and wording is ©️AnthonyGorman no reproduction without permission of the owner.


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  1. abhiray59 says:


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    1. discoveringsooz says:

      Thankyou, he is very inspiring! Love Sooz x


  2. What a wonderful story and the world most definitely needs Gorman in it.

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    1. discoveringsooz says:

      That’s very lovely, and you’re right! Love Sooz x

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  3. Inspiring post. Thanks for hosting Gorman, and sharing his art.

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  4. Does he still have his page up and running? Just tried to find it through your link and it’s not there 😦 very good read!

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    1. ajourneybetweennaps says:

      I shall have to check, unfortunately I haven’t been around much! Let me check!


    2. ajourneybetweennaps says:

      I have found his new blog and you can find him here…

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  5. Thank you for taking the time to find it for me 🙂 love your new name by the way!!

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    1. ajourneybetweennaps says:

      Thankyou! Not a problem xx


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