My Three most memorable Halloween experiences!

I love Halloween as an adult, I love it as much as giving sweeties to kids who knock at the door, decorating a little, and doing some face paint or other.

However, that is where it ends.

My first experience of Halloween as a child that I remember, is going to an event in the middle of nowhere, meant for children, I was about 5. I was dressed up as a little witch, bin-bag and all. My little bob cut and a broom.

Then it came to spooky stories by the fire, I was listening intently, partly due to my hearing problems, I couldn’t hear a fucking word. Then some devil incarnate, jumped out on me from behind, it was lucky I was potty trained, as otherwise that would have been messy, instead I screamed and cried until my Mum took me home, said devil was mortified, and tried everything to calm me down.

That was that memory cemented forever. This memory obviously induced me getting let out of the secret entrance of the Edinburgh Dungeons, due to some scary Middle aged Hag, jumping out on me and then prodding me whilst screeching! At 14 sobbing uncontrollably is ridiculously uncool!

My second involves my student years, and my first year at University, Me and my friends went to a Halloween Club Night, I knew it was going to be scary. Thinking a few vodkas would calm my nerves, off we went, I was dressed as a vampy, vampire! Got there, and went into the darkened doorway, and through to the spooky walk, there was no escape, there was chainsaws, squirting blood and my memory can only see moving masks after that! I ended up with a cheese pizza and a cuppa in bed watching Hocus Pocus.

After that I decided it was best for both my nervous system and my health if I didn’t test my scare factor. It’s blatantly obvious that I just cannot deal with being physically scared. I don’t like films that make me jump, and even a tannoy in a shop can make me jump out of my skin. I don’t watch horror films, and the sound of someone screaming or physical violence is too much for me.

So now onto my third, this encapsulates a few years. Prudence came to us in December, but we didn’t know when she was born, as Holly was actually born on Christmas Day, we decided that Prudence could have Halloween, her being black and all..

Since then, and up until she passed, I decorated like it was Christmas, baked cakes, had bowls of sweets, made spooky pizzas, she had presents, clothing, and we made the biggest fuss of her! She mainly just liked the tissue paper her presents came in. But it made me see a celebration, I wasn’t particularly fond of into something good, there was no frights, no scares, and Hocus Pocus on repeat!

Now whilst we celebrate in her little furry memory, it’s not quite as big of an extravaganza. However.. Hocus Pocus is always playing and Holly always gets a present in tissue paper, and a little Halloween jumper to keep her toasty!

What are your best/worst Halloween memories?

Happy Halloween

Love Sooz x

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  1. Barbara says:

    We don’t really “DO” halloween in Australia, but I loved your story, and I don’t like scary movies either. I love that you made it a special time for your cat. A lovely idea.

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  2. I was not aware Halloween was a thing in Great Britain.
    If I had ever tried to dress Mozzy up I would probably have looked like a Halloween monster!
    I do love that you go all out for your cats though.

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  3. rugby843 says:

    The last picture, the kitty does not look pleased! I never liked spook houses or anything like it either.

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  4. Authoress51 says:

    I have a terrible fear of haunted houses but I do like scary movies and dressing up. I like to be the one dressed up scaring people. This year they are having a Creepy Casino with costume contest. So, that’s what I am attending. Also, decorated my house outside.

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  5. Liz says:

    I love Halloween – have since there was a book called “The Pumpkin Smasher Witch” (circa 1973) which talked about the spooky spirit of Halloween fun. I used to like dressing up, but now I like the handing out of loots the best. When you look at a kid, and say “Hey! You’re Bob the Builder” and it’s a home made costume, they get SO excited. I love that!
    This year we’ve gone with little purple bat light inside, some LED ghost lights, candle holders that look very Haunted Mansion, many many sets of cat ear headbands… It is my favorite time of year.

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  6. loubyjo says:

    halloween has got bigger and bigger in uk but not as keen onit as when a kid and just used to do with games with apples these days more kids knocking on doors saying trick or treat !!

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  7. wiltdidit says:

    Hi. Nice post and very Halloweeny! Enjoyed reading your Halloween experiences. We get about 300 kids at our door, some areas over a thousand! We have never not run out of candy by 730 or so no matter how much we buy! I do the duties giving out candy, (my youngest is 12 so Halloween is passe to him!) which I lower from a balcony in a bucket to save going up and down stairs. I blare scary music from BT speakers.

    I celebrated it both in Canada (where I live now) and England, where I lived for awhile when I was a young buck. Got to experience Bonfire Night. Here in Canada, (Vancouver anyway) no bonfires allowed, and even fireworks are highly restrictive. I was raised in Winnipeg so going out for Halloween would be in zero degree celsius weather (or less), with snow on the ground. Someone tried putting a kitten in my pillow case, which I was delighted with, but we already had a dog, so mom said no!

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